On Land and Rivers

A Tauck Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania Safari, Part 1: Gearing Up
What I did to prepare and plan for my first African safari
Tanzania Safari, Part 2: At First Sight
My first impressions of Tanzania -- a great adventure is about to begin
Tanzania Safari, Part 3: Climbing Kilimanjaro
Before our safari begins, we trek the world's tallest freestanding mountain
Tanzania Safari, Part 4: Into the Bush
Our safari officially begins and we experience "roughing it," Tauck-style
Tanzania Safari, Part 5: Children of the Maasai
Our group is deeply impacted by our visit to a Maasai elementary school
Tanzania Safari, Part 6: Africa's Garden of Eden
Welcome to, in my opinion, the most incredible place on Earth
Tanzania Safari, Part 7: The Great Migration
We witness a small part of this annual movement of 2 million animals through the plains of the Serengeti
Tanzania Safari, Part 8: Adrift Over the Serengeti
Our group is treated to a unique perspective of the Great Migration
Tanzania Safari, Part 9: The Grand Design
Time to reflect on the systems, rhythms and rituals that make up the grand design of life in Tanzania

A Unique Experience Near Cancun

Swimming With Whale Sharks
A sensory feast in the company of giants

African Travel Safari in Botswana and Zambia

Southern Africa Safari, Prelude: When Africa Calls
Heading back to Africa for another adventure
Southern Africa Safari, Part 1: Return to Africa
We begin our Southern Africa sojourn in Johannesburg
Southern Africa Safari, Part 2: Lost and Found in Zambia
We are instantly intrigued and impressed by the Royal Livingstone, Victoria Falls and Maramba market
Southern Africa Safari, Part 3: Surf & Turf in Zambia
Our safari takes us through the bush on elephant back, and down the Zambezi in canoes
Southern Africa Safari, Part 4: Botswana's Okavango Delta
We get our first glimpse of the Delta as we fly to our first camp
Southern Africa Safari, Part 5: Khwai River Lodge
We visit the Kalahari Desert and I reflect on how our trip to Southern Africa differs from our previous trip to Eastern Africa
Southern Africa Safari, Part 6: Savute Elephant Camp
Sorry to say goodbye and eager to return again someday

Exploring Dubai

Dubai Makes a Big Impression
Bold, innovative and unfinished?


Exploring Namibia
Imagine scaling a sand pile 500 feet tall where each foot sinks 6 inches when you take a short step...

Northern Lights in Alaska

Quest to See the Aurora Borealis, Part 1
Something powerful this way comes
Quest to See the Aurora Borealis, Part 2
Our activity-packed trip ends with a spectacular show in the sky

Polar Bears in Canada

Trip to the Polar Bear Capital of the World
I travel to Churchill in the Canadian province of Manitoba to see the great white bears up close

Return to Vietnam

Return to Vietnam, Part 1: Halong Bay and Hanoi Hilton
Emotions run high as former POWs revisit the notorious Hoa Lo prison
Return to Vietnam, Part 2: Way Off the Beaten Path
Things begin to get wild as we move away from Vietnam's tourist areas
Return to Vietnam, Part 3: Our Search for Dogpatch
Our quest to find Dogpatch comes to an end

Rhine River Cruise on the Avalon Tapestry

Rhine River Cruise, Part 1: River Cruises vs. Oceangoing Cruises
A comparison between two types of cruising
Rhine River Cruise, Part 2: Sailing the Romantic Rhine
Our river cruise proves to be a relaxing, effortless way to explore Europe

Running with the Bulls

An Adventure in Pamplona
For hundreds of years, the adventurous and the foolhardy have come to Pamplona, Spain, during the Festival of San Fermin to run with the bulls.

SITA Safari in Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda Safari, Part 1: Edge of the Comfort Zone
Our adventure begins with lots of anticipation and just a little apprehension of what's in store
Uganda and Rwanda Safari, Part 2: From Entebbe to Ndali
We enjoy a cultural exploration of the history and people of Uganda before heading into the bush
Uganda and Rwanda Safari, Part 3: From Kibale to Ishasha
We track chimpanzees in Kibale National Park and take a game-viewing boat ride along the Kazinga Channel
Uganda and Rwanda Safari, Part 4: Tracking Gorillas in Rwanda
The purpose of our trip is realized: We observe a family of amazing, endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda
Uganda and Rwanda Safari, Part 5: Rwanda Renaissance
A look at how far Rwanda has come since the genocide of 1994

South Africa

South Africa Safari, Part 1: Who’s Tracking Who
We lurched across the rocky terrain, filled with anticipation as our tracker, Louis, found lion prints in the dirt
South Africa Safari, Part 2: Harmless Great Things
Our open-air Land Rover was surrounded by herds of African elephants, the largest land animals on Earth
South Africa Safari, Part 3: Eating Or Eaten?
There's a thin line between "eating" and "eaten" out here

The Great State of Alaska

Alaska Trip, Part 1: Visit to Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley
An exhilarating flight around Mt. McKinley was the highlight of the trip
Alaska Trip, Part 2: In Search of Brown Bears
We took our cameras in search of brown bears and whatever else might wander out of the wilderness

Wonders of the Nile

Egypt Trip, Part 1: Wonders of the Nile
We visit Cairo then embark on the Sonesta Sun Goddess
Egypt Trip, Part 2: Scenes from the Nile
Highlights from our cruise along the world's longest river
Egypt Trip, Part 3: A Commanding Presence
A visit to the Royal Mummy Room in the Egyptian Museum makes the past seem not so far away

Wondrous Machu Picchu

Peru Trip, Part 1: En Route to Machu Picchu
With our Galapagos cruise finished, we push on toward the Lost City of the Incas
Peru Trip, Part 2: Cuzco, Gateway to Machu Picchu
We explore Cuzco and the Sacred Valley before boarding our train bound for the Lost City
Peru Trip, Part 3: The Lost City of the Incas
We see for ourselves why Machu Picchu was recently named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

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