Back to Back on Silversea & Crystal, Part 4: Benefits of Cruising with Crystal

There's nothing like a cruise for actually winding down and getting away from it all. Like a lot of people, I'm kept to a tight schedule back in the real world, but after a couple of days at sea, I have to check the calendar on my watch to see what day it is. A couple of days after that, I have to check the month.

I'm at sea today, one final day in the sunny Adriatic before my Crystal Serenity cruise ends in Venice. We sailed from Dubrovnik at midnight, and at sunrise the mountainous silhouette of northern Croatia can be seen on the starboard side of the ship.

Crystal Cruises is one of only four six-star cruise lines recognized by Vacations To Go, and within this luxury category, Crystal operates the largest ships and carries the most passengers. The Crystal Symphony carries a maximum of 940 passengers, and the Crystal Serenity carries a maximum of 1080 passengers. While the Crystal Serenity holds 15% more passengers, it is actually 38% larger.

To put these "large" ships in perspective, remember that the largest megaships of Carnival and Royal Caribbean carry a maximum of 3700-5400 passengers.

Regardless of which Crystal ship you choose, there is a feeling of spaciousness and a complete lack of standing in line.

The size and range of amenities on Crystal ships makes them the best of the six-star lines at accommodating families. Each vessel offers babysitting, kids' facilities, youth counselors and planned activities. The longer itineraries tend to attract couples or singles in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, but there are enough children on board to keep each other entertained during the summer months.

The Crystal Serenity celebrated the first anniversary of its launch in 2004, and it sparkles like a gem. The service is flawless, the food and entertainment are excellent, and the facilities are elegant and spotlessly maintained.

Crystal cruises are never inexpensive, but the quality is unsurpassed and we are able to obtain discounts up to 60% off brochure rates for our customers. There are a few things to consider when you are ready to book a Crystal cruise.

First, whenever Crystal reduces its price, anyone that has already booked at a higher price is automatically given the lower rate. This is a stark contrast to the policy of most cruise lines, which require customers to cancel and rebook to obtain new discounts, and charge penalties for cancellations within 60 or 75 days of departure that are frequently larger than the new discounts.

Thus there is no reason to wait for a late-breaking discount when you book Crystal. Your Vacations To Go cruise counselor will make sure you benefit from any further markdowns.

In addition, past Crystal passengers receive discounts on every Crystal booking, as do guests who book back-to-back segments and guests that pay in full for their cruises at least six months in advance. Our cruise counselors will be happy to subtract past passenger and back-to-back discounts from the prices shown on our site, for all who qualify. When applicable, the full payment discount is factored into the rates we display on our site.

I have a lot to squeeze in on this last day at sea -- paddle tennis, water volleyball, a Spanish lesson and a massage, for starters. Hard to imagine I delayed taking my first cruise for fear I would be bored!


Alan Fox
Executive Chairman
Vacations To Go

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